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Simon the Herald


My name is Simon. I am a cherub from the highest order in the Choir of Angels. In heaven I attend the Throne of the Creator and sing his praises. The meaning of my name, "he who listens" and my purpose are the same. I was sent from the heavens to hear and convey thoughts, feelings, and prayers to the Heavenly Garden. I console the forlorn, provide solace to the troubled, and unburden the bereft by imparting earthly concerns to the Pantheon of Heaven. As I patiently sit with my attentive ear turned to those seeking my comfort, I will never make a sound or utter any words, but will dutifully deliver those messages to the Kingdom of Paradise. My mere presence assures a divine connection with the loving and compassionate Creator of all things. I am Simon the Herald.

 Simon is our only statue created and intended for ground-level display.  Simon does NOT include a plinth. 

This truly amazing statue casting was created for a place of quite solitude and reflection. As a Herald from the Heavens, his purpose is to listen, empathize, and convey ones most intimate thoughts and feelings to the Throne of Heaven.  Solace, comfort and true concern are among his many endearing attributes.  Simon's "distressed" finish and verdigris patina capture the effect and appearance of a centuries old antique aged by weather and the slow march of time.  Simon will accentuate your garden, sitting area, or courtyard into the next millennia.

Simon was created by special request to serve as a headstone and eternal memorial for a loyal and beloved family pet.




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