Herman The Guardian
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I am Herman The Guardian

 I am Herman, the Guardian Gargoyle.  I have been a brave soul and guardian of good people throughout my existence.  I was once a great warrior, dedicated to protecting and defending my lands and its many worthy souls.  After being fatally wounded in an epic struggle against evil forces, I was given the choice to evolve into a beautiful angel or I could continue the battle the mightiest demons by transforming into a Gargoyle or Grotesque.  I would never become beautiful or fly with angels, but I could continue to ward away dark, evil spirits and protect good people as I was destined to do.  Please take me to your home to guard your loved ones by placing me at the pinnacle of your rooftop where I may keep watch and frighten the darkest demons away.  I will never fly away in darkness or light.  I will marvel and amuse your welcome visitors while I diligently watch over your loved ones with courage and strength, forever.

Vital Statistics:


 16" H x 13" W x 8" D  33 Lbs.

Evil Spirit repulsion rate 100%

Keeper Satisfaction Rate 100%


5.5"H x 8"W x 8"D  3 Lbs.


Each individually handcrafted, garden art statuary is hand finished in true medieval, gothic fashion and comes as two pieces with a universal mounting base or plinth that can easily be affixed atop virtually any roof crest, or gable.  Gable Gargoyles easily fit most roof gables and roof pitches without screws, nails, roof penetrations or tools, other than a secure ladder.  These stunning pieces are cast with pure Portland cement (not concrete) which is one of the most durable casting materials over time and through weathering.  My weight and stability will hold up against normal elements such as wind, birds, and precipitation.

Each statue is individually hand finished in aged bronze, with tiffany patina. The bronz finish contains real bronze metal with the look of historically accurate Gothic craftsmanship which  weathers naturally over time.  Each piece is proudly made in the USA and comes with 100% money back assurance of complete satisfaction.



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Herman The Guardian

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