Garden gargoyle cement statue hand finished in aged bronzed
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One of a kind garden gargoyle statue casting in cement and hand finished in bronze. 
This gargoyle statue is a fun garden sculpture for outdoor or indoor. This is an original 
by D'Nell Sherbet of gable Gargoyles.

My name is Furgus. I am a juvenile gargoyle, but don't let my looks fool you. 
I'm an old soul that has come into being, to protect my owners from evil spirits 
and bad dreams. Being an old soul, I have learned a many life lessons on my journeys, 
and one of my favorite is not to take life so serious and have fun. You don't want to 
play truth or dare with me, because I will win. Like I said “Don't let my looks fool you.”

Gable Gargoyles guard your household from all forms of evil spirits while marveling 
and warmly greeting your welcome guests. Why take unnecessary chances with 
gallivanting ghosts, loose gremlins, and the Forces of Darkness when all your loved ones
and worldly possessions could be safely and securely guarded under the watchful eye 
of your own Gable Gargoyle? 

Gable Gargoyle statues will beam in the sun, cry in the rain, never fly away, and forever
faithfully keep their vigilant watch above your realm. Now is the time to add that 
one-of-a-kind crowning touch to your home and there is a Gable Gargoyle eager to help.

Each individually handcrafted, garden art statuary is hand finished in true medieval, 
gothic fashion. These stunning pieces are cast with pure Portland cement (not concrete) 
which is one of the most durable casting materials over time and through weathering.

Statue can be ordered in natural finish (exposed gray stone) or, individually 
hand finished bronze, with or without weathered patina. The bronze finish contains real 
bronze metal with the look of historically accurate gothic craftsmanship and will weather
naturally over time. 

Vital Statistics:


15"H x 13" W x 8"D 20 Lbs.

Evil Spirit repulsion rate 100%

Keeper Satisfaction Rate 100%
  • Item #: 100-10

Garden gargoyle cement statue hand finished in aged bronzed

Price: $200.00
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