Franklyn the Effigy
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Franklyn the Effigy


Designed to nail mount on walls, eaves, columns, trees, fences, and entryways, I appear to burst out from my perch. Like my cousin Felix the Watchful, I stand guard against gremlins, demons, and evil spirits as we have done from high atop the world's most iconic cathedrals since the Dark Ages emerged into Renaissance. Available in true rusted cast iron, bronze and copper with aged tiffany patina finish, I am described as adorable, lovable and only slightly imposing.


Vital Statistics:

14"H x 7"W x 7"D

15 Lbs.

Evil spirit repulsion rate, 100%

Please specify finish when ordering 

(Bronze, Copper, or Rusted cast iron)


Out of the USA please contact

  • Item #: 100-200

Franklyn the Effigy

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