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~ Buddhism is the world's only major religion that does not focus on the worship of a diety, but on the attainment of Enlightenment and harmony with the universe, or Nirvana ~


Every statue of Buddha represents a special significance based on its pose or gestures, called mudras. The Dhyana mudra symbolizes meditation, balance of thought and tranquility as one pathway toward the attainment of spiritual perfection known as Nirvana. The Dhyana is thought to be the mudra Buddha practiced while meditating beneath the Pipan tree before achieving his Enlightenment. It is a fitting statue for gardens, koi ponds and special areas where one may channel psychic energies into harmony with nature and the universe. It is believed that meditating in the presence of Dhyana Buddha Amitabha helps mortals achieve transformation from the delusion of attachment to the wisdom of discernment.


 Buddha was born a wealthy Indian prince around 500 BC who rejected opulence to attain Enlightenment and show others the way.











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